Thursday, October 1, 2009

Portrait of Darcy

I was inspired after reading April's latest update on her new stray cat, to do a portrait of my feline friend Darcy who was also a stray.
I think she gives the studio a 'homey' feel !


April Jarocka said...

Beautiful painting Naomi...glad Salem provided the inspiration!!

April Jarocka said...

Blog tip for you at mine! Hope you'll find it useful.

lori vliegen said...

i love your artwork....very fun and whimsical! and i think that darcy looks right at home in that nice big red chair! thanks for visiting my blog!! :))

Michelle said...

Hi Naomi,

This is such a charming painting, I love your art!

Michelle :)

naomi orana said...

Thanks April, I'll definitely take your advice on the blog site set up. Can I ask a question ? How do you create a link with a image ?

naomi orana said...

Hi Lori, Thank you for your lovely comments. I love 'Elvie Studio'.
Thanks Again,

naomi orana said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm honoured you found the time to check out my 'studio stuff'. Your site is so fun and interactive - Thank you.

April Jarocka said...

To create a link with an image just go to your layout page and add a gadget. Choose Picture then upload something from your pc. It will then give you an option to add a link so that when someone clicks on the piccy it will take them to your website. Hope that helps!
Good Luck!

naomi orana said...

That was so simple! Thanks for your help - I won't even begin to tell you how difficult i was making it for myself! LOL
Thanks Again.