Saturday, May 29, 2010

my blue bird

This is my latest, I've been playing with mixed media a bit more
or maybe too much...
The stamp in the top right hand corner is from one of my dad's old letters.
 The envelope is dated 12:15am 20 May 1966


rachel awes said...

your blue bonnett & bird
are heavenly
& handwriting in background
romantic & singsong beauty.
love love your work. xox

naomi orana said...

thankyou so much rachel :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I really love your work - so inspiring. :)

naomi orana said...

Thanks Michele :)

Felicity said...

Hey Naomi, I stumbled across your blog via Geninne's Art Blog and am SO happy that I did.
The images that I have seen so far are truly beautiful, your banner in particular has some of my favourite emblems, the boat, the owl, the sea, the light, sleeping!
I don't want to gush too much but it is such a pleasure to have discovered you.