Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My work space

I recently went to a great little antique store at the Margate Train, South of Hobart.
I just love antique hardwood furniture with it's history evident in dents and scratches,
I bought this piece to fit my sketch books, brushes plus odds and ends.

(above) looking clean, neat and full of promise.

.....  how much junk can I squish in !?


renilde said...

When I came across apiece like that I'm sure I would have bought it too, love the colour of it and it looks great in your studio, x

Claire said...

it looks wonderful - and so organized!!
very impressive :)
and i LOVE the painting on the right - is it klimt??

naomi orana said...

Thanks for your lovely comments,
well Claire, I wish it was a Klimt, it is a copy I did from a book - I do LOVE his work.