Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Playing with pen and ink.


Sissy Sparrows said...

beautiful line work

rossichka said...

You must have enjoyed yourself, while colouring! I like the vase - all in lines.
Dear Naomi, my new post is about your wonderful gift!:-)

roberto said...

Very beautiful both, I think that it is in black and white is stronger!
But it's my idea, it's all very subjective.
I really like both!
Thank you for your comment!!

naomi orana said...

Thank you sissy sparrows - completely jealous of your rainbow cake!!

Rossichka, thank you so much!! Honestly, I'm overwhelmed xox

Cheers Roberto - a true compliment coming from you!

Amalia K said...

Hi Naomi. This is such a lovely way to play with pen and ink... :)