Monday, July 18, 2011

Any advice on essential oils?
I have a little oil burner in my studio, it came in a 'beginners' pack with vanilla,I'd love to find a scent that isn't too strong is calm and pleasant.
Any ideas?

Although I call it MY studio, I do share it with my choccy labrador 'Toro' and 'Darcie' the cat is often nestled on a cushion in the sunlight. So, although the room isn't stinky ... it does smell of paint (a perfectly good smell) I would like to create a nice scent, before it becomes stinky pet-zone!!!!


Zinnia Pea said...

Cute oil burner!

I am in love with the essential oil blends from Tinderbox here >>

Their Serenity blend is gorgeous.

Zinnia Pea xo

rossichka said...

We have the same oil burner, but in dark brown. We use it as a candle holder, because we burn incense sticks from time to time. But I don't like their scents as a whole! I think "vanilla" is a good choice. We are having now "├Ćndian flower"- it's not that heavy... Isn't the "delicious" smell of paint enough strong?:)

A mermaid in the attic said...

I can vouch for the Tinderbox, and their real shop in Balingup is just gorgeous, I try and drop in whenever I'm down south, I could spend hours wandering around in it! I burn different oils depending on my moods, but some of my favourites are Basil; Rose Geranium and Grapefruit together; and Orange and Clove is a nice warming combination for winter. Juniper is nice and lively without being too strong. Just go and have a 'smell-a-thon' at your local suppliers and find the ones you love!

AHAviews said...

I put a drop of plain essential oil on a candle before I light it - as the wax warms and melts, the fragrance is released very slowly. I'd recommend bergamot for mental refreshing, or lavendar for soothing. Lovely oil warmer you have.

June said...

I use rosemary oil when I need to concentrate. It is a good refreshing oil. My other favourites are rosewood, sandalwood and lavendar.

naomi orana said...


You guys really know your stuff, or should I say scents!

Zinnia pea - just what I needed - thank you

Rossichka - what a great idea! I'm glad you told me about the incense sticks, they always seem like a mystery to me :-)

My West Aussie friend, you have incredible knowledge, I'm definitely going to try ose combinations!

AHAviews - fantastic idea! Must confess that I haven't heard of bergamot, so I'm really looking forward to trying it :-)

June - I've decided to burn some Rosemary throughout the house - I'd also burn some in the car if it would help! Lol

Jessie said...

Hi Naomi, just noticed this post and I used to sell essential oils many moons ago! Lavender is a good one that mixes well with all others. To get rid of household smells, bergamot is the best one and it also lifts spirits! xx