Saturday, July 9, 2011

is the prompt this week at Illustration Friday

"Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them."
 ~ Jim Carrey

(acrylic and mixed media on hardboard) 

When I read this quote I think of all the brave people who have left their homelands in search of  'more' for their families throughout time, throughout the world.
 Living in Tasmania, I am particularly aware of the history of forced and willing settlement to a little island so isolated and unique.
The more I delve into the history and admire it's natural beauty, the less I seem to know.
I went to the museum and art gallery this week and was given a special peek into the vaults, by a very lovely and fascinating lady, I am now armed with a little more knowledge and images of this island and especially of the mightly Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)
more to come soon....

Hope you have a wonderful weekend

P.S Thankyou for your comments, It's always brilliant to hear from you!


rachel awes said...

i love the look
of orange present life
atop of brave history...
wow. gorgeous.
& love your inspiration.
i'll also look forward
to your tas tiger! xox

Amanda Mills said...

beautiful! I love the color, especially the orange creatures

rossichka said...

Hello, Naomi! I didn't know anything about the history of Tasmania, but your post provoked me to search for some information in Internet. Now that I found it, I'm going to read ... Your collage tells about brave sailors, following expeditions to an amazingly beautiful land!:)
I read it's cold over there, on your island, while here we are "burning"...:)))

naomi orana said...

Thankyou Rachel - as always xox

Welcome Amanda, it was nice to visit your blog!

Rossichka - you always amaze me!In return you have me googling your Burning Bulgaria ;-)

ArtSnark said...

Fantastic! Your rich colors and imagery are very exciting.

Thanks so much for stopping by with your kind thoughts. And for your comment on the wolf. I guessed as much - I was working full screen size & tried to make him almost ghostly. And took the fade too far. Thanks for the feedback

Claire said...

i love the quote and your response to it - thank you :)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Great quote and a wonderfully vibrant and creative collage! Nice work!!

Jordan Harcourt-Hughes said...

I agree with all of the above comments. Great colour and love to see Tasmania represented on Illustration Friday!

Rod MacGregor said...

Great collage and exciting feel about this work..well done!

IwoX said...

Very, very beautiful:) I like it!

AHAviews said...

Layers and levels in this work really invite me to spend time thinking about it - your comments provide even more texture. Love the work.

Sunny said...

very intriguing piece!
Love how you did mixed media on this, the texture is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Naomi, this sounds such a wonderful adventure, would love to hear about this tiger very much so and what magic stories you have found.... Thank you so much for sharing! I'm so pleased you met someone really nice and shared this vault of history with you.

Soy un poco paranoico lo siento♫ said...

Hello Naomi, I have not recognized your style!
But anyway I love this job!

Vilt og vakkert said...


Fascinating illustration and words.
My son's teacher in design of Swinburn university in Melbourne, lives in Tasmania. They had a good relationship. Therefor I find the information so interesting.
Have some nice days ;:OD)

naomi orana said...

Thank you everyone for popping on by!

Julie - I Love your enthusiasm, it's contagious!

Vilt - It's a small, small world! What's the saying "Three degrees of seperation..."

Andrew Finnie said...

Oh how true, my great grandfather came out from scotland when he was eighteen, with his sixteen year old brother in tow - imagine how their parents felt, being left behind in Edinborough, - then there were the convict ancestors, one of mine was sentnced to be hung at old bailey after escaping from the prisn ships on the Thames, somehow he made it out to oz (lucky for me).

Its a wonderful image you have made, the bleakness of the ship, the beauty of the ocean in contrast.