Saturday, February 16, 2013

16 Feb 2013

Pen and watercolour
The prompt this week at I.F is "wool"
"The bosom can ache beneath diamond brooches; and many a blithe heart dances under course wool"
-Edwin Hubbel


Ahdini said...

what a beautiful artwork! love how the colors perfectly mingled on her dress

Joy Watford said...

Ah, I love this!

naomi orana said...

watercolours are a bit special :-)

Anonymous said...

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rossichka said...

My first thought was: "This is Spring!" Just gathering to arrive here, where the days are still chilly and the nights are cold... But why is she melancholic? Doesn't she know that we love her warmth and beauty and are waiting impatiently for her?

I like your choice of colours and the hint of knitting the dress!:)

Coal Valley View said...

This is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

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Oubli pilule said...

Beautiful painting, absolutely magnificent,