Sunday, August 11, 2013

10 Aug 2013

New Painting
Acrylic on brown paper canvas.
This is the first of a new set, I'm starting small, this canvas is 300x400mm (12x15")
I want to play around with shadow and a dark background.
I've started with a red pastel brief sketch.
Just in case you are confused, it is intended to be a painting of a girl holding her hand above her brow. I'd like her to have either antlers or tree branches looking like antlers and a basket of some sort in her arms.
I'm really looking forward to working on her more - certainly looking a bit basic at the moment as I start on her skin tones.
Naomi xo


AHAviews said...

Glad to see your comment, Naomi, thanks for visiting me. I've missed seeing your works in progress over the last while, always so inspiring - detail added as message develops over time. Can't wait to see more as this one grows (though I wouldn't call 30 x 40 small by any means) Enjoy.

naomi orana said...

my goodness!
Thank goodness you mentioned the measurements! It's 30x40cm - 12x15" (inches).
I'm a metric girl - SORRY!