Saturday, August 17, 2013

17 Aug 2013

 Background, antlers and basket
It's a midnight blue/burnt umber background.
I'm enjoying the dark background against the lighter tones.
Detail of hair, it isn't clear in the photo that the antlers
are crackled below.

a hint of feathers ....
Naomi xo


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Hi Naomi! I'm enjoying seeing your process/progress on this--such a fun surreal feel to it. (P.S. So very sorry to hear about your dog :( ).

Linda Hensley said...

Very cool. I really like your fish box too.

rachel awes said...

hello to you, naomi!
love the tones + hints!

artisjokken said...

hi, this is interesting. First when I saw it I had to think of someone being a cuckold, (because in my language it means if somebody "got an antlers" is a cuckold) Funny, isn't it? ( I mean not really funny if it is about myself) :)

But I guess my conclusion is not correct, right?