Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing with light and colour

Playing with light and colour

I'm working on this piece for a lovely Scotsman named Dave who owns and runs Handbuilt Creative a Web Design company that does amazing things with computer technology that I have no understanding of.

Dave links his work with hands on creation and his alternate way of thinking has won the company numerous awards. Once again, I'm vague about all that techy stuff, BUT I like the way he thinks and combines left/right brain thinking. I have enough difficulty trying to get one side to work and even then I get confused about which side does what.

 So I'm sticking to what I know and am happy with this design and the contrast in colours, I'm trying to play with light and colour. As you can tell with the ruler I'm really struggling with the straight lines, the ruler says it's straight so why does it look wonky? Hmmm

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