Sunday, July 5, 2015

Christmas in July

There is something so primitive and satisfying in playing with mud and using powder and fire to create shiny, functional, decorative pieces.

Loving the glazes on these pots - it's like Christmas 

 I think, I can safely say that I'm getting addicted to pottery, I still love painting on canvas and will never stop practising it. But clay is very rewarding in its own way.

It is nice to be able to make something from beginning to end and the end is such a solid result. A result that is not going to be disposed of easily, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing - mugs are next on the agenda!

Bumble bee love

                     Inside the kiln

Opening the kiln door and finding ...

Sgraffito, this is the teqnique of scraping the underglaze away and applying a clear glaze on top.
Basic - but I love the shine and bold colours

Have a great week,
Naomi X

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