Sunday, July 5, 2015

Little Lost Lamb

I've been distracted from work of late with lambing Season, it's such a nice time of year - but busy.
  My amazing, gorgeous, humanitarian daughter loves lambing Season, and it is upon us. Every year we manage to succumb to at least one of these long eared cuties that have been abandoned. Either by their mum's passing or some weird fault in nature where there are too many bubs per mum.

In this particular case, mum had 2 babies, but only wanted the one - honestly, who could not want this little lamb??

The first time mum with her lamb that is strong and well.

Another mum who lambed on the same day with 2 jet black lambs - soo cute!!

He is now 2 years old and raised on the bottle, he simply refuses now to believe that he's a sheep and still acts like a pet dog. 
We love you Dukie xoxox