Sunday, July 5, 2015

Two for Joy


Magpies are fairly prolific here in Tasmania, we have a few generations of them here and every year we love watching the new chicks grow.
I love their warble and it always makes me feel at home.

Unfortunately, the photo isn't so great and I wasn't counting on it selling so quickly. 
But, it's gone to a good home and I loved painting her.


One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret,
Never to be told.
It used to be 'two for mirth', I like the modern lyrics being joy.

           My beautiful Maggies             Me, in the studio - YAY!

These two lovely ladies were delivered into the gallery and went straight back out again on the same day.  It's so lovely that they are wanted and I especially like the confidence of the buyers, will need to take better photos in the future.

Have a lovely week,
Naomi X

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Seán O'Brien said...

Most interesting work! Plenty of magpies in garden here in Ireland too . . . and a plague of mice for last few days . . . coming in before the Winter starts.

Tasmania . . . must be lots of Irish blood there since the 40,000 'criminals' were transported there in the 1800s!!!