Sunday, October 4, 2009

Boat girl

Today in the studio I did a bit more work on this painting,
it's painted on a large piece of pine and I think I'm half -way through.
It's a piece for an upcoming exhibition in December, which goes
with the ethereal /marine theme. Some completed pieces are in my Fine Art Gallery ready to go.

I really like the  quiet, calm that the image evokes - maybe because it's something completely missing in my life at the moment !?


lori vliegen said...

beautiful.....absolutely beautiful!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Naomi. Your blog is really coming together beautifully. Glad I could help a little. Good luck with the exhibition. I'm just waiting to see if my proposal is accepted. All the best for now

naomi orana said...

Thanks Lori, I really appreciate that !

naomi orana said...

Hi April, I'm really enjoying the topics in your new blog!
Thanks again for all of your help, if you ever have any comments or suggestions, please feel free :)