Friday, May 6, 2011

21 century writing desk

This is the other purchase from the The Margate Train antique store in Tasmania, although it would never be classed as an antique (especially if I could afford it).

It fits perfectly in my kitchen as a mini office, the Mister was a bit horrified that his wife had brought home a fine (maybe a bit dented) piece of furniture and proceeded to drill holes through the back of it, but....
I had a plan (insert evil laugh here). It now hides away all those ugly 21st century cables of our mobile phones, ipods, ipads, cameras and fits a laptop perfectly!!

But, could naomi leave well enough alone ? NO!!!
I then headed to the tip shop and purchased some ornate spoons and forks, hammered, drilled, accidentally snapped (oops) and bent the poor unused delicates into handles (well, it is located in the kitchen remember?)

Best of all, they actually work! I know, no-one is more surprised than I am.
So, all those school newsletters, class readers and homework have a home.
(a damn cute one, may I add!!)

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