Saturday, May 7, 2011


The Prompt this week at Illustration Friday is 'Beginner'

"A man ceases to be a beginner in any given science and becomes a master in that science when he has learned that he is going to be a beginner all his life."
~ Robin G. Collingwood

I like this quote, I've put in this image to implicate the poor guy is still learning his instrument (continuation on last weeks learning quote) and still figuring out gals which we all know is a never ending science.
I kind of feel sorry for him...
ah well, wishing you all a fantastic week
(hint for the gal science - don't forget mothers day is this Sunday :-)
(acrylic on paper)


Clare said...

great quote - love your painting - they all look quiet content with learning, which i suppose is how we should be - just content with the process.

rossichka said...

He's learning, yes, but with such concentration, that I don't doubt in the result!
I like the quote - one must learn all life long to be better and better in his work. Otherwise he'll stay at one point.
Wonderful mood of your painting, Naomi, I can hear the lonely tones of his instrument!

Mindful Drawing said...

I second the amount of concentration in this painting: the boy is concentrating on his play and the females listen attentively. It is beautiful.

Amy Norden said...

The quote and painting are absolutely wonderful.

elqueacechaenelumbral said...

Very true. But obviously you're not a beginner, what you do is very good.

INDIGENE said...

Wonderfully calming!

Brine Blank said...

Super quote...and a lot of truth...nice pic!