Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The first chills of frost is bidding.
So, the pumpkins have been taken out of the garden.

plus some potatoes for dinner...
I leave the potatoes in until they're all eaten.
 Firstly because it doesn't get too cold or wet.
Secondly because I'm a very lazy gardener...

ouch, the truth hurts. I do wish I was more dedicated,
maybe next season!?


rossichka said...

Your potatoes look so delicious! What are your plans about the pumpkins? I see the silhouette of a scarecrow - who has made it ?...:)

naomi orana said...

wow, you are observant, Old Jack the scarecrow was made by the kids with quite a lot of help from the Mister.
I often chat to him about the weeds, he listens quietly and never complains.

The pumpkins usually end up baked, in scones or in soups throughout the Winter.

rossichka said...

Perhaps he's feeling well with your family and has nothing on the contrary to keep the garden!:)
We eat pumpkins only baked with sugar or in a "tikvenik" - this is a famous Bulgarian dessert with sheets of pastry/paste and between them - pumpkins, nuts, sugar, cinnamon... It's very delicious!:)