Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mum Day

To all those mums out there;

I have had a lovely spoilt day and as one of my boys said I received a 'gwazillions flowers',
I thought I'd share some of my chrysanthemums with you.

my favourite gifts though was my dough necklace made by my twin boys at Coal Valley Playgroup
 (thank you ever creative Michelle!!)
my stunning air dry clay earrings made by my daughter at school
(thank you Mrs Prenter - I love them!)

wishing you a wonderfully spoilt week


Clare said...

Happy mothers day to you too. I also got a beautiful handmade card and gifts - isn't just the best job in the world being a mom?

rossichka said...

You are a happy mum!! Wonderful presents, made by your children with love! I'm sure you'll keep them forever...

naomi orana said...

You are both so right!
I feel like a queen in my new 'jewels'

Thank you for stopping by and dropping a thoughtful note

rachel awes said...

happy mothers day to you too!!!
(somehow i missed 'beginnings' below...
gorgeous music!!!! xoxox