Monday, January 28, 2013

28 Jan 2013


Ces said...

I love your drawing. Is this on a journal? I like journals with lines. I too use a little black notebook (Moleskine) for important notes, numbers and when I want to draw something quick, I do it there too.

Ces said...

Oh, love the candle in his headlight. Hehehe!

rossichka said...

Hello, Naomi! I'm back after the long, long silence!:))
I missed your posts so much!
This fish is magnificent! It has a prototipe, I think... Is that so? Such a fish is the main character in a puppet play by one of the Bulgarian greatest contemporary poets, who has written dramaturgy about puppet theatre... That's why it's such a nice surprise for me to see it. I like the candle and the armour of scales!:D
We'll keep in touch, I hope!

artepacja said...

Just to tell you that I Love your fish.

naomi orana said...

Ces - Thanks for popping by, most of my drawings are in journals (I have a serious stationary addiction). But lately I've been using index cards for sketching out ideas.

Rossichka - my dear friend, so good to hear from you!!!!
I have not seen the Bulgarian contemporary poets dramaturgy puppet theatre.But, it is now my mission to find out more!!
Thankyou xoxo

artepacja - Cheers !!

rossichka said...

Dear Naomi, his name is Valeri Petrov and the title of the play is "Puk!" It tells about the impossible friendship between the little girl Lili and the big fish Hrili... I'll check out whether the play has been translated in English.

Cindy D. said...

Wonderful drawing style and details! I did an angler type fish a couple weeks ago, though mine had a lightbulb. :D