Wednesday, January 30, 2013

30 Jan 2013

vw BUGS are not common on the island and
one's in such good condition are rare!
I LOVE VW bugs, this one reminds me of my first car which was named "Aggie". I'm sure I loved mine just as this owner must love theirs. Now I am older and settled, It's one of my dreams to own a bug again :-)

sending you all a bit of bug loving!!
naomi x


Anonymous said...

Деликатный дилемма к дамам. Еду на море, однако так получилось, что "эти самые" дни точно однажды попадут для середину поездки(наравне бы беспричинно сделать, воеже успокоение понес наименьшие потери? простой загорать эти жизнь, заткнув себя тампоном и не плавать? я, понятно, плавать не очень люблю, только всетаки же хочется иногда немножко охладиться. Что кроме дозволено предпринять? [url=]ремонт квартиры стоит[/url]

Chelsea St.Pierre said...

I am your new follower Naiomi. the sketch is awesome and the blog so inviting. i saw you over at skecthbookblog a few secs ago and had to pop in. then i had to follow you. will be here hagain soon to see what have benn up to, now i am off for a good look around. Love from london!

naomi orana said...

Cheers Chelsea!
Thank you for stopping by :-)

Lovely Elika said...

awww this car is soo cute! I love bugs too!
beautiful sketch :)

Dante Mallet said...

You’ve done a great job! The bug you sketched is really beautiful, and looks close real thing! I’m a Beetle lover myself. The unique exterior is remarkable, and it’s comfortable to drive. You must have missed your first car, but why don’t you buy a new one?